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Potatoes: Health Benefits And Facts


Today we are discussing about Potato. Potato is a vegetable. Most of the people like potatoes very much.  Because potatoes have good fat and vitamins and also good health benefits. On this page, we will give all the information about potatoes and nutrition facts.

Nutrition And Health Benefits
Potatoes are rich in vitamin 'C' and copper and manganese. It helps to control blood sugar levels and it is the best energy-producing veggie. It resists stroke and heart attack and reduces inflammation and it also helps for liver cleansing. It is high in fiber, low in sodium. High in vitamin 'E' and it also prevents kidney stones.

Potatoes contain a significant amount of fiber. Fiber helps lower the total amount of cholesterol in the blood, thereby decreasing the risk of heart disease.

It also consists in:
  • Maintaining the structure of the cellular membranes.
  • Transmitting the nerve impulses.
  • The absorption of fat.
  • Early brain development.
The nutrition content depends on how we are cooked, one of the example fried potatoes have more calories and fat.

It is also important to note that the skin of the potatoes contains a great number of vitamins and minerals. Peeling of potatoes can reduce their nutritional content in them.

We have three categories of potatoes
  1. Starchy 
  2. Waxy
  3. All-purpose
Some types in starchy
Jewel Yam
Japanese Sweet Potato
Hannah Sweet Potato

This is one of the classic potatoes.  These are good in baking, frying and masing.

Jewel Yam:
This is one of the sweet potatoes.  These are commonly found in supermarkets. Good in baked or roasted.

Japanese Sweet Potato:
These potatoes appeared in pink color skin with white flesh. They can be good in steamed, grilled or baked.

Hannah Sweet Potato:
This one is also sweet potato. With light skin and flesh.

Some types in waxy
Rose Finn Apple
Russian Banana
Red Thumb
Austrian Crescent
French Fingerling

These are fingerling shaped potatoes. These are with a silky texture and nutty flavor. They are best for roasted or boiled.

Rose Finn Apple:
These are looking in knobby skin with golden yellow flesh.  These potatoes had an earthy flavor.  Best for sauteed, grilled, boiled.

Russian Banana:
These potatoes are in pale yellow skin with yellow flesh. Best for salads, grilled and fried, roasted.

Red Thumb:
Fingerling with some bright red skin with pink flesh. Most of the chefs prefer these Red thumb potatoes. Best for roasted or boiled.

Austrian Thumb:
These potatoes are in yellowish with smooth skin have a light yellow flesh. Best for salads, boiled and roasted.

French Fingerling:
These potatoes have pink skin with yellow flesh. These potatoes are with smooth skin. These are great potatoes for roasting.

Some types in All-purpose Potatoes
All blue
Purple Majesty
Red Gold
Norland Red

All Blue:
These potatoes are in light blue both inside and outside. These potatoes have a dry texture. Best for salads and baked.

Purple Majesty:
These potatoes have dark purple skin with firm flesh. They are best for baked and roasted. Also uses for salads and good for soups.

Red Gold:
These potatoes are red-skinned with golden flesh. These potatoes have a sweet flavor and nutty. Best for roasted and mashed.

Norland Red:
These have red skin with white flesh. Best for salads as well as roasted, mashed, baked. And also good for soups.

 More than 200 varieties of potatoes are sold in the USA. Each variety of potatoes has different good qualities.

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