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Mango: Nutrition And Health Benefits


Mangoes are the best fruits nowadays. A lot of people consider mangoes are the 'king of the fruits'. The exact origin of the term 'Mango' is taken from the Malayalam 'Manga'. In India, we have 100+ varieties of mangoes. We get varieties of mangoes in different shapes, different colors. Some mangoes are in red and some mangoes are in yellow. Some mangoes are in orange. Mango trees can grow up to 100 feet high.

Some people eat mangoes as sauces. In India, Sacred Vedas described the mangoes are the 'food of the gods'. In India, a lot of people use mango leaves for decoration purposes on the festivals. Mangoes are also used in candies and some cool drinks. Mangoes are mostly available in the summer season. A lot of people like mangoes, especially children.

Nutrition and health benefits of mango fruits
The mangoes are rich in Vitamin 'C' and had lower serum cholesterol levels. Mangoes are the source of potassium. Mangoes are helpful for controlling the heart rate and controlling blood pressure also. And also mangoes have copper, potassium, magnesium, Calcium.
  • By chewing mango pieces, it helps to clear all the dental problems.
  • Mangoes had folate, it helps in improving fertility.
  • And also mangoes had vitamin 'A' and 'C'. These help to protect blood vessels.
  • Mangoes boosts the immune system in the human body
  • Mangoes are also useful for eyesight.
  • Mangoes improve the concentration level of humans.
  • Mangoes provides glutamine acid, for boosting memory.
  • Mangoes are helpful for clearing digestive problems.
  • Mango fruits are rich in Iron. It helps to improve red blood cells.

Health benefits of eating raw mangoes
  • Raw mangoes help to reduce your weight.
  • In raw mangoes, sugar levels are very low.
  • The important role of raw mango is to reduce acidity.
  • Raw mango is helpful to prevent all liver problems.
  • Raw mangoes are effective in treating blood disorders.
  • These green mangoes are useful for producing new blood cells.
  • Raw mangoes have 80% magnesium and calcium.
  • Raw mangoes help to prevent many diseases.

Best varieties of mangoes

Gie Kesar

Preparation: Some of the people use mangoes as juice. In India some people using raw mangoes as a pickle. And also mangoes are used in jam. Mangoes are used in salads and also used ice creams. Mangoes are used in curries also.  

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