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Beetroot: Health Benefits and uses


Beetroot is a vegetable. And it is also called the table beet, garden beet. But regularly people called beetroots as beets. Beetroots are root vegetables.

Vitamins and minerals
Beetroots have vitamin B6, C, and Iron, Magnesium, and phosphorus. Beetroot contains 86% of water.

Health Benefits
Beetroot is a very healthy food for the human body. Beetroot is used in natural medicine to treat digestive illness. Beetroot is useful for purifying the bloodstream. Beetroots are very rich in nitrates, these are useful to lower the blood pressure. The best way to cleanse the liver is to take the beetroot as a juice regularly.

Beetroots are a good source of  Folate. Folate is important for normal tissue growth and cell function, It is partially necessary for a pregnant woman. Beetroots are useful for destroying kidney stones.

Beetroots are delicious but more frequently cooked. The beetroot has long leaves called green beets. People are eating these green beets. If you prefer to make beetroot juice blend 1 beetroot with 2 apples and 3 carrots never drink too much beetroot juice on its own as it works as a powerful drink. Beetroots are useful for increasing blood cells. It increases the number of white blood cells, making you less likely to get ill.

You can also cook beetroot to use in delicious soups and other meals and also used as salads. However, for the best nutrition, they should be eaten raw. Eating them on a regular basis as part of a balanced diet will reduce chronic inflammation in the muscles and you will gain more energy. They provide lots of energy and increases endurance and cardiovascular health. Beetroots are useful for BP patients for reducing blood pressure.

Most of the people are using these beetroots as salads and some dishes. And some are used beetroots as a juice, and curry purpose also.

Types Of Beetroots

Round Red Beet
The best beet for regular eating pickling. It has a small top with some good disease resistance. If you cut these beets the inner side has the dark red color.

First Crop Beet
Some people like beet greens, this first crop beet is perfect for those people. Comparatively First crop beets have larger leaves than round reb beets.

People are called pickling or cylindrical beet. These beets shape looks like a cylinder. These are long skinny beets. Best for pickling and cooking beet. Comparatively, cook much more evenly and quickly than a large round beet.

Specialty beet
This is a yellow beet called bolder. The leaf veins are greenish and some slight yellow color. If you cut these beets the inner side color is yellow. They are sweet as regular beets.

Ki Osha
These have bright red skin. The inner color is like a candy white and red.

Bulls Blood (small beet)
These beets have really deep red foliage. These beets look like small onions. These are small beets. And these beet leaves are dark red. A lot of the people using these beets for salads. 

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